Welcome to Musicmakers! 

I hope you'll join me ~ Karen Roth, often known as "Miss Karen" ~ and the Musicmakers families for Music Together® classes or Suzuki violin lessons.  Musicmakers has been providing quality music education to metroDetroit families since 1993 ~ now in the 23rd year!  

WINTER 2016 MUSIC TOGETHER CLASSES HAVE BEGUN!  Join the FUN and LEARNING!  Register today on the Registration Page and give your family the gift of music this winter!  IF openings remain, registrations will be welcome until Thursday, January 28.  

Musicmakers offers FREE SAMPLE CLASS opportunities in Farmington Hills. See the "What's New" column on the right. 

 All INFANTS, TODDLERS AND PRESCHOOLERS and their participating adults are welcome in ANY "mixed-ages" Music Together class with Musicmakers! Discover the joy of making music with your child in weekly classes, even if you do not consider yourself "musical." We blend FUN and LEARNING in every class, filling 45 minutes with music and teaching you how to continue the musical play at home with your family!   

Experience MUSIC TOGETHER with Musicmakers and discover the LEARNING and FUN we inspire!  Music Together is research-based and is built on a wonderful "informal music education" philosophy ~ nurturing learning through participation, experimentation, and joyful experiences in class and with family. 

SUZUKI VIOLIN study is "formal music education," carefully teaching correct violin technique and striving for accuracy in every musical detail. Staying light-hearted and POSITIVE, and taking SMALL STEPS for lots of successes, Suzuki violin study should be FUN!  Day-time private lesson spaces are available.  Students seeking after-school and evening lessons can be wait-listed.  Violin registration is handled by email or telephone, unlike Music Together's automated online registration form.  The "Violin Study" page has much more information!  Please "contact us" to express interest and I'll reply as soon as possible. 

Both Music Together and the Suzuki Method are international programs, taught locally by Karen Roth of Musicmakers Center.  Music Together is early childhood music education for infants, toddlers and preschoolers (with participating parents/caregivers) at it's best!  Fantastic family FUN enhances the LEARNING!   

Suzuki violin lessons offer a magical combination of private and group study for students ages 4 and above in a method that enriches families' lives.  Learn about Suzuki violin instruction with Karen Roth on this website's "Violin Study" page.  Online Registration is for Music Together only; registration for Suzuki studies is handled individually.

Please select "contact us" for easy emailing regarding either Music Together classes or Suzuki violin lessons. 

What's New
Cancellation Procedure

If Michigan winter hits hard enough to cancel classes, the website will announce the cancellation and emails and/or text messages will be sent to every member of the day's classes.  Please send an email or text message to Musicmakers as soon as you're aware of the cancellation, or Karen will spend time calling you to be sure your family does not drive to class needlessly.  Thank you!


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