A wonderful email surprise from a Musicmakers mom ~ 

Karen, I am so glad to see you are still teaching.  Both of my children took your classes.  My son was almost 17 years ago.  He loves musi and learning to play different instruments.  He plays the sax, oboe, bassoon and now the cello just for fun.  Thanks for doing what you do.  Julie

Thank you notes from Musicmaker families ~

Music class has been wonderful. We've all enjoyed ourselves and learned songs and rhythms that will be with us forever! (from 2 grandmas and their grandchildren)

Thank you for loving our children and teaching them to love music! (from 3 moms and their children)

Thank you for another wonderful session of music, dance, friendship and love! You are a gift to us!!
(from a caregiver and her child)

Thank you for all of the joy you have brought to our boys through music. They both sing constantly and find calmness in music. Thanks for all the love and education you give them. (from a mom & dad and their 2 sons)

I can't believe we've completed ten years together! You have changed our lives for the better through song, rhythm, dance and exposure to so many different instruments. Through each generation you've patiently and lovingly taught us all to become Musicmakers! Each of our girls has such a kind remembrance and thinks of you with such fond recollections. It's become not just an occasional cd in the car, but they all turn play into song and unknowingly are using Music Together songs in most of their quiet reflections. May all of your families love and adore you as much as we do. (from a mom and her 4 daughters)

We want to thank you for three wonderful years of Music Together. Everyone in the family enjoyed the classes, including Grandma. I'm sure we will be singing the songs for years to come. (from a mom, dad, and daughter)

And pictures shared ~


Grandmas love family play-alongs!


A drum! What fun!


Sing "Bum!" It's time to help clean up!